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Caspar has a fundamental interest in people and how they interact. As a self-taught post-dotcom web developer with a focus on human experience and a fascination for simplicity, his activities around the web, particularly the WordPress ecosystem, have included product design, support, translation, event organisation, as well as volunteering and speaking at conferences. While plotting world peace, Caspar spends his day wrestling for words at Human Made.

Deloitte on ‘Human experience platforms’

Do the algorithms we are creating align with our values and those of society in general? How can you build transparency into AI decision-making? And how can you reduce cognitive bias in the development process by having more diverse teams be part of the design?

Deloitte Tech Trends 2020 report

Doesn’t that sound so lovely, Deloitte… Only that in your context of tracking the shit out of human emotions and unilaterally turning them into a business asset, this means nothing but the white-washing of the most monumental attack on humanity history has ever witnessed.

You’re making me sick, Deloitte. ‘The darkest places in hell are reserved for those who maintain their neutrality in times of moral crisis’, and your report isn’t even pretending to be neutral. You’re strategically placing your prophecies – ‘predictions’, ha! – before the eyeballs of FOMO-pestered enterprise executives, so they’ll prove self-fulfilling eventually, because desperate C-suits make them happen.


Leaving WhatsApp isn’t hard

Two days ago, I finally started messaging my extended family members and closest friends about my resolve to delete my WhatsApp account. I was not expecting to receive the reactions I got. Within minutes, family members and friends had replied positively, saying the move to Signal sounded good to them. Many immediately installed the app and messaged me there. I was blown away by how easy and positive the experience had been. All my fears and concerns were pretty much unfounded and exaggerated.

Two days in, I have re-built in Signal all the messaging groups I use most frequently. The transition has been seamless.

I’m feeling like Toto. The experience has been so easy, and positive, that I’d thought I’d write about this, in case you too are tempted to quit WhatsApp or any other app owned by Facebook.

The Realists, Quitting Whatsapp & Pulling Back the Curtain on Facebook’s Grand Illusion

I’ve never used WhatsApp myself, and while some people give me the looks when I say they need to use Signal, or Telegram, or plain old SMS to contact me, recently an increasing number of my friends has switched to using Signal – totally on their own, not because I asked them.

The argument that you’ll lose all your contacts and conversations if you quit WhatsApp really doesn’t hold up. You don’t have to delete WhatsApp today in order to start announcing to your network that you’re using Signal (or Threema or whatever else) as your primary messaging app.

Let it be a process and be the change you want to see in the world. 🙂


Le Menü

Wir befinden uns im Jahre 2020. Das ganze WordPress Admin-Menü ist von Core- und Drittanbieter-Inhalten besetzt, die für gut 90% aller Nutzer/-innen die meiste Zeit über irrelevant sind, aber dennoch mit jedem Page Load ihre Aufmerksamkeit fordern…
Das ganze Menü? Nein! Ein mit unbeugsamem Minimalismus zusammengehacktes Plugin hört nicht auf, den Eindringlingen Widerstand zu leisten. Und das Leben im WordPress Admin ist spürbar angenehmer, wenn der eigene Fokus nicht mehr von einem Haufen selten bis gar nicht benutzter Menüpunkte strapaziert wird…

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