Sustainability isn’t someone else’s weather

At WordCamp Europe 2021, I had a brief conversation on contributing to open source as a company. I referred to sustainability as an approach to doing business which embeds but also goes beyond the environmental aspects of the term.

The next day, I tried to connect a few dots on Twitter; this post is an adaption of my initial thread with some additions. A tonne of additions, frankly.


Your most impactful Web Vital

Google is about to begin using Core Web Vitals as a ranking factor. So here’s a friendly reminder for everyone that network payload a.k.a. page weight a.k.a. page size is the most impactful metric on your Lighthouse report – even if it’s not deemed a Core Web Vital by Google.

Because of page size, a child in the U.S. – or anywhere – may have to choose between eating lunch or doing homework. Here is why…