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Somebody threw a fit over having to clone WordPress’ default theme’s footer.php into a child theme to remove the ‘powered by WordPress’ link, and they used extra white space to make their micro rant stand out in source view.

HTML comment: So. WordPress default theme developers, or whoever is responsible… (sighs) It’s an absolute FUCKING DISGRACE that you guys STILL make people set up a full-blown child theme and clone this fucking footer.php file JUST so that they’re able to remove that powered-by-WordPress’ shit from their sites that you have the nerve to hard-code down here. What is this, a fucking LINK FARM?? Honestly, it’s 20 fucking 20. Get over yourselves. Fuck.
(Found in my drafts, source URL not shared for privacy reasons)

I suppose this is one of the things we will be able to submit to the realms of nostalgia once Full Site Editing hits WordPress core, and I for one wont’t cry. 😄


    1. Over 18 years, WordPress has democratised publishing. 2021 will be the year we’ll see the footer democratised. 😉

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