And at dawn, armed with glowing patience, we will enter the cities of glory.

Arthur Rimbaud

So this is me, Caspar. Our digital paths may or may not have crossed when my handle was @glueckpress and my other site wasn’t retired yet.

Yours truly at a microphone, conference bakcground
Photo: Florian Ziegler (CC BY-SA 2.0)

I used to be a solid frontend developer back in the days when frontend mostly meant writing accessible, performant HTML and CSS. When frontend became rock star dependency management, I ended up directing my fascination for simplicity towards field studies in customer support, user experience, inclusive localisation, product marketing, business strategy, and knowledge management.

There are a couple of open source community events I’ve helped building such as my neighbourhood WordPress meetup in Potsdam and the 2012 and 2013 iterations of WP Camp Berlin, both of which led the German WordPress community to reboot during WordCamp Hamburg in 2014. I was also honoured to be invited on the first ever WordCamp Europe organiser team.

Other random facts about myself: